7 Critical Tips for Decision Making!
Tips for Decision Making

Tips for Decision Making! Everyone makes decisions every day. Some bigger than others but regardless, making the wrong decision could lead to poor outcomes.

Everyone makes decisions every day. Some bigger than others but regardless, making the wrong decision could lead to poor outcomes.

You need a strategy and plan of action. 

Here are 7 Critical Tips tips for Decision Making that I recommend to help sharpen your decision making skills. 

1. Identify: Identifying the decision you want to make is your first step. Regardless of the size of the issue, you need to identify the specific concern in order to begin your decision process.

2. Be in a Good State of Mind: If you are in a bad state, chances are you will make poor decisions. Being in a good state of mind allows you to think clearer and to process information with an open mind.

3. Review: Once you have gathered all the facts you need to decide what is relevant to the issue. How accurate is all the information?

4. Alternatives: Consider what the outcomes of your decision will be. If you decided “A”, what will be the results? What about deciding “B” instead; what will all the results of that be? Be sure to consider all of your alternatives and what the consequences will be from the decision.

5. Get advice: You should seek advice from several different people that you respect and that you know have been through whatever the decision is that you need help with. Also, always consider who is giving you advice and why.

6. Right or Wrong: Do not make your decision on “who” is right or wrong, but rather “what” is right or wrong.

7. The Right Choice: Once you’ve made your decision you need to put it into action. Don’t worry about your decision being 100% full proof. Until you put your decision into motion you will not know the results of your action. Monitor your decision and make the necessary adjustments as you go along if you need to.

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11 replies
  1. Micki Lessard says:

    Thanks Donna…..you always deliver the message in such an easy to read and understand format….”deciding” is the most important thing of all to achieving any goal!

  2. Jackie Hanson says:

    Thank you Donna for great advice. I look forward to implementing these tips in both my business and personal life. Every one of your tips is essential and makes sense. I love reading your blogs, Thank You!

  3. Heather Calhoun says:

    In regards to #2. Be in a Good State of Mind. If I am upset, I always use the 24hour rule to react, make a decision and move on. It’s never good to act rash when your emotions are running high. Great tips Donna.

  4. Rebecca Malcolm says:

    I agree with HC…being in the right state of mind is key. It’s never good to make decisions based on emotions. Thanks Donna for some great tips!

  5. Kimberly Turner says:

    Great tips Donna! Love #2! It’s so true how your state of mind or your mood can effect the outcome of so many things! Thanks for sharing these!

  6. Erika Carrillo says:

    Great tips Donna! My favorite is being in the right state of mind. This is SO important when making any decision.

    Thanks for the tips.

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